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Gps Parcela app is intended for all private landowners who want to have on their smartphones or tablets the data of all their land parcels with corresponding maps so they can easily navigate to their land parcels.
The app is also intended for all real estate, precision agriculture and forestry professionals.

The Gps Parcela app has a built-in NTRIP client that allows you to connect to a GNSS receiver using Bluetooth, and to connect to CORS - reference GNSS stations network using Internet.
In this way, the NTRIP client enables centimeter GPS accuracy with RTK corrections.

The app can receive location data (latitude, longitude and others) from two sources.
The first permanent source is the built-in GPS receiver of the smartphone. However, the accuracy of GPS coordinates in this case varies between 1 and 3 meters, which is quite enough for navigation to your land parcel.
An additional source can be an external GNSS receiver that has the capability of RTK correction. In this case, the accuracy of the Gps coordinates is one centimeter, which is necessary to precisely locate the boundary points of your land parcel.

This app is based on the idea that all cadastral data (primarily coordinates) of your land parcel are visually available to you personally via the Internet on the geoportal of your country.
However, there is no possibility that any app has a free access to cadastral data of all geoportals in Europe.
Therefore, with a little effort and with our help, you can type into this app the coordinates that you have read on the geoportal. Definitely this is the most precise way to define the boundaries of your land parcel so that you can use all features of this app.

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GPS navigation to your land parcel

App Features:

- Identification of land parcels, cadastral parcels.
- Display your land parcels on a map on your smartphone.
- View the distance between the smartphone and the land parcel.
- View your current smartphone location on the map.
- Read the current GPS coordinates.
- Improved accuracy of the current GPS coordinates reading.
- Create a land parcel by entering the coordinates.
- Update the entered coordinates.
- Download the cadastral parcel coordinates from our web server
- Transformation from reference coordinates to Gps (WGS84) coordinates
- Calculation of land parcel area and boundary line lengths.
- Save the land parcel files in your local smartphone storage.
- Language support for English, German, Italian, Croatian, Slovenian, Serbian, Czech, Slovak, Polish, Spanish, Portuguese, French.
- Support for the coordinate systems and geoportals in the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Poland, Portugal, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland and Europe.
- Backup and restore.
Features available on Android
- Centimeter GPS accuracy with RTK correction using the built-in NTRIP client
- Precise navigation to the parcel corners
- Support for RTK GNSS receiver

How to get Gps coordinates from geoportal

How to get Gps coordinates of your cadastral parcel using the Internet

Visit a geoportal website in your country and there you can easily retrieve the approximate reference coordinates for your cadastral parcel from the displayed cadastral map. Move the mouse over a corner point and you will be able to read on the screen the corresponding reference coordinates.
You can enter the coordinates for each corner point into the app directly. The app will transform the reference coordinates to Gps (WGS84) coordinates.

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How to locate a land parcel out in the field

Be your own master and locate your cadastral parcel out in the field using Gps Parcela app

The landowner can easily locate his land parcels by using this app, which is important in the following cases:
-The owner has inherited land parcels, he knows the cadastral parcel number, but he does not know the exact location of the land parcel.
-The owner has all the data on the land parcel but he can not locate it anymore because the land is wooded and brushy.
You will know with relative accuracy that you are on your land plot when a green marker (that indicates the position of your smartphone on the map) shows that you are within the boundaries of your land parcel map.

Gps Parcela Pro App

Precise GPS locating, Land measurement,
Division of land parcel

The Gps Parcela Pro app has all the features of the Gps Parcela app and additional advanced features:
- Centimeter GPS accuracy with RTK correction using the built-in NTRIP client
- Precise navigation to the parcel corners
- Support for RTK GNSS receiver
- Precise points recording and measurement
- Division of land parcel
- The parallel guidance lines used in precision agriculture
- Route recording
- List of visible satellites
- Coordinate transformation between coordinate systems

To precisely locate the parcel corners, the Gps Parcela Pro app applies the RTK method to correct the accuracy of GPS coordinates using a Bluetooth GNSS receiver and Internet access to a network of reference stations.
You can perform land measurement to get the coordinates of the corner points of your land parcel or coordinates of any other point on the land parcel with an accuracy of 1 cm. In this case too, the application applies the RTK method and the NTRIP client.
The division of the land parcel is one of the most important features of this app, which is important in several cases.
The division of land parcel is necessary when the co-owners want to divide their land parcel (forest, field, meadow) only and mark the land without officially registering the division in the cadaster.
Another case of division occurs when the owner plans to subdivide his large building plot for sale into several smaller parts and wants to make an analysis of possible division solutions.

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