VisualCall7 - Complete Cost-Effective App

SCADA Concept

Key Features

  • HMI, easy managing and visual presentation of process data
  • Different PLC types, using serial and ethernet connections
  • Advanced communication, OPC, TCP/IP
  • Comprehensive PC and PLC Networking
  • Fast database, SQL
  • VPN Client/Server Architecture
  • Simple configuration
  • Real-time and historical trending
  • Alarm handling, using sounds, SMS, text, symbols
  • Object-oriented graphics
  • Reliable and safe access to data and programs
  • Flexible reporting
  • Web server
  • Operating systems: MS Windows 7, MS Windows 8, MS Windows 10
Water Supply

Components of VisualCall7 Suite

VI-Call enables data communication with local or remote PLCs, database management and alarm handling. Vi-Call supports both traditional radio or modem devices and versatile LAN, GSM, GPRS, Internet based devices. Applied OPC standard allows the control of any type of PLC.

Vi-Config provides simple configuration of PLC stations, tags and alarms. Communication and database parameters are also defined here.


Vi-Graphics is a flexible tool for creating the process pictures (mimic diagrams) for HMI, based on object-oriented graphics.

Vi-Display is an HMI that enables the visual presentation of process data and control of the process by human operator.

Vi-Statistics enables historical trending and presentation of historical data from database in form of statistic values and trend reports.

Vi-LogReport provides log reporting.



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